Foundation for Special Surgery is a non-profit organization.Your contributions to FSS are tax-deductible according to the IRS  code 501(c) (3). Your support will make a great difference in lives , communities and build the capacity of Africa surgeons to take care of Africans locally in a sustained manner. We hope that you will continue to partner with us in our commitment to minimize the burden of surgical diseases through provision of compassionate patient care, research and the sharing of sub-specialized surgical expertise.

after photo cleft lip repair liberia

Cleft lip surgery takes less than an hour to perform, yet its impact on a life is immeasurable. Children with cleft lip deformity have difficulties with feeding, speaking, and often avoid going to school because of social. When treated early children with cleft lip can live full productive lives. The cost of cleft lip surgery in Africa is about $750. In the long term training African surgeons to treat cleft deformities will decrease this cost. Our approach at FFSSE is to provide comprehensive craniofacial surgery training to local surgeons.


Pituitary tumors are brain tumors that grow and can compress the optic nerve; the nerve that allows us to see. Left untreated pituitary tumors can cause blindness. This is what happened to a 23 year-old female from Ghana who was presented to us. A pituitary tumor had been diagnosed years prior, but the expertise and equipment to remove the tumor was not available. She is now blind. Using endoscopes through the nose, surgeons of our group are able to remove pituitary tumors with quick recovery. FFSSE seeks to develop this expertise locally in Africa. Your in investment in FFSSE will save eyesights for several generations to come.

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